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MySQL is a relational database system that is finding increasingly wide acceptance as a backend solution for developing data-driven Web sites and applications. MySQL is fast, powerful, and in most cases free.
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web database designcustom database designEPS Internet Technologies specializes in MySQL database enhanced projects developed using MySQL and PHP. We use the most current version of MySQL in many of our ecommerce and web application projects. We will advise you on whether MySQL is suitable for your web based application. MySQL is our product of choice because:

  • Low Cost: MySQL is opensource with a free distribution license. This helps keep costs affordable.
  • Performance: MySQL rises to the top as a fast database, providing the performance required to keep yor applications running at peak performance. Click here to investigate further.
  • Ease of use: MySQL is a relatively simple database system, and is much less complex to set-up and administer than larger systems.
  • Capability: MySQL can handle simultaneous client server connections ranging in the thousands, with each client capable of using multiple databases at the same time.
  • Interface: MySQL can be accessed interactively using any of several interfaces that let you enter queries and view the results.
  • Security: MySQL provides the access control required to unauthorised prevent access to your data.
  • Portability: MySQL runs on many varieties of UNIX, as well as other non-UNIX systems, such as Windows and OS/2. MySQL runs on hardware from home PCs to high-end servers.
  • Connectivity: MySQL is fully networked, with databases accessable from anywhere on the Internet.
  • SQL support. MySQL understands SQL, the language of choice for all modern database systems.

EPS Internet Technologies provides
full hosting support for MySQL and PHP.

EPS Internet Technologies MySQL Project Portfolio

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