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Real Time Shipping

real time shipping calculations

Our merchants love how our Real Time Shipping Interface works!

Real Time ShippingOur merchants love how our Real Time Shipping Interface works! They save both time and money. One small business owner who switch to our Real Time Shipping program saved on average $65.00 dollars a week. Thousands of retailers and merchants lose revenues every day by using estimated shipping prices for e-commerce products. With our Real Time Shipping and Address Validation, you reduce operating costs by minimizing returns and correction charges. You get improved customer service by assisting shoppers as they place orders, and your customers receive shipments quickly and accurately.     EVERYONE WINS !

real time shipping calculationsOnline shoppers love our selection tool that compares shipping prices allowing them to select the shipping services that best fits their needs and budgets. This tool identifies all available domestic and international services and shipping rates based on the package's characteristics.

Real Time Shipping The EPS Technologies solution uses an interface that works with UPS and adds the exact shipping costs to the product price. Start saving money and time today by using the EPS Technologies Real Time
Shipping Interface.

The EPS Technologies built a technology infrastructure second to none, enabling customers to link product shipments, services and information to our Real Time Shipping Program. See how EPS Technologies E-Commerce shipping interface can improve your business and save you money.

Real Time Shipping
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