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E-Commerce is Growing Faster Than Predicted
Up Over 400% In The Past 3 Years

ecommerce facts FACT: The US Department of Commerce reports retail e-commerce sales in the first quarter of 2002 were $14.4 BILLION, UP 28.2 PERCENT from the forth quarter of 2001.

FACT: The number of internet users will climb to 80% of the USA population, or roughly 240 million individuals in less than three years (by 2005).

FACT: Pocketsize computers with wireless internet access are now available.

ecommerce solution

ecommerce solution

Online shopping has become universal - anything you can buy at a store can now be bought online. Cars, computers, clothes, sporting goods, gifts appliances, books, music, antiques, pharmaceuticals, travel, jewelry... the list is endless.

By 2004, more than 50 million U.S. households will buy on-line, growing Web revenues to $188 billion -- representing a 69% CAGR.

Homes will have computer access in several places, allowing the whole family to be connected. It is estimated that 13. 40% of all purchasing will be done on the Internet, during the next 3 years.

On-line retailing is no longer a question mark. Our interviews with 100 on-line merchants reveal that sales are at least double what merchants projected a year ago -- 31% of retailers that disclosed profitability are in the black.

Your Competition is Making Money Online! Are You?

The facts show that the future of your retail business may depend on how and when you capitalize on E-Commerce. In order to compete effectively, your E-Commerce solution must include the following features:

  • Verifiable compliance with FTC Internet Security and Anti-Fraud regulations
  • Real time US shipping modules (instantly tracks exact shipping costs and adds to product sales price to control your costs)
  • Multiple gateways and links to your store and your individual items and departments
  • Automatic notification of sales transactions
  • Hands on individual computer training to setup your on-line store front and excellent live and on-line technical support
  • User-friendly interface allowing you to easily manage your E-Commerce store from anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited number of products and departments with full, flexible control over product formatting

The time to enter the race is now, and turnkey Internet solutions from EPS Technologies are how you can reach your goals quickly…and effectively. Call EPS Technologies at 772-283-4415 to make arrangements for a free evaluation of your Internet Marketing plans from one of our experienced E-Commerce professionals.

Ecommerce Facts
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